Wedding-Engagement and Special Day Organization

Special days bear the signature of both sweet rushes and unforgettable moments. As Case de Garden, we undertake every detail of your special moments with our 20 years of experience and organize your unforgettable moments with great devotion. We proudly emphasize that with our service manner based on 100% customer satisfaction; we got your back on your special moments, weddings and special days!


We got you covered on your happiest days with our cheerful tones!

The sound of your happiest moments in your ears is important and unforgettable! When we talk about a wedding, don't we have beautiful timbres in our ears that make us smile? As Case de Garden, we think that we have been sharing one of the happiest moments of your life and that is why we embellish your special moment with beautiful timbres that will create a smile on your face throughout your life. Case de Garden orchestra; ambitious about sounding great by offering a wide range of services with first dance training, welcome music, marching band and Diamond Dance Revue! Because we know that; One hundred percent satisfaction is reserved in details.


We've stopped the moment when you're happy, say cheese!

Photos immortalize your special moments. We stop the time by photographing the most special moments of your life, and every time you look, you find yourself in that moment and you are happy again. As Case de Garden, we offer an excellent photo shoot service with experts in their fields, award-winning film and photograph artists by combining our 20 years of special day organization experience with our dedication to working. Say cheese we are shooting!

Video Çekimi

Rewind happiness!

There's an end to good moments, but that doesn't mean we can't see those moments again. As Case de Garden, we record your special moments with the most beautiful details and quality that will accompany you for years. Case de Garden; wedding documentary, wedding story, Jimmy jib, drone shooting, save the date and HD quality 360 VR video shooting services to provide you with the opportunity to rewind every detail of your happiness.


The taste of happiness on your palate is under our control!

As Case de Garden, with over 20 years of experience, we care about the satisfaction of your loved ones, which are common to your happiest moments, and offer a dedicated catering service in this direction. Because for us; your one hundred percent satisfaction means the satisfaction of your loved ones.

Other Services

Dreamlike but actually real!

Case de Garden organizes your happiest and most special moments into reality. We serve you with more than 20 years of experience to make sure your happiest moments come true sparkling, dedicated and beautiful. Just like in your dreams.

Here at Case de Garden, we offer you the following services:
  • Free Parking and Valet Service

  • Special Concept Friend Tables

  • Cone Fountains

  • Standing Wedding Arrangement

  • Wedding Area Live Flower Decorations

  • Fresh Flower Decorations on Tables

  • Cone Fountains

  • Special Concept Friend Tables

  • Illuminated Letters

  • Led Flying Balloon

  • Circumcision and Henna Throne

  • LCV Service

  • VIP Car Service

  • Hotel Accommodation

  • Firework

  • Bridal Car Decoration

  • Bridal Car Decoration

  • Bridal Hand Bouquet & Groom Boutonniere

  • Different Table Concepts

  • Guest Entrance Way Flower and Fabric Decorations

  • Children's Entertainment Area